Rocking sofa


Dimensions: maximum height 192 cm (75.7 in) – maximum depth 150 cm (59.1 in) – maximum width 240 cm (94.6 in) – seat width 154 cm (60.7 in) – seat depth 70 cm (27.6 in) – seat height 45 cm (17.7 in).

The rocking sofa’s structure is made of a welded tubular steel frame. Six bent plastic panels covered with polyurethane foam (three on the interior and three on the exterior) are applied to the frame. The structure is divided into three parts, joined together by steel bayonets. Elastic belts have been applied to the seat and back, made by bent steel tubolars. The filling is a pillow made by polyurethane foam. The suspension system, which allows for the rocking motion, consists of steel tubolars affixed to the upper portion of the swing.

The external structure, is covered with fabric or fake fur applied to panels made by plastic bent. The internal structure is covered with Luminex fabric applied to panels made by plastic bent and filled with a layer of polyurethane. Luminex is an elasticized fabric made by optical fibers and cotton that is internally connected with a led chain which allows fabric enlightening.

Edition limited to twelve samples.